Big Brothers Big Sisters

Everyone knows the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”, in many cases this is true. Thanks to modern transportation many families no longer live close to one another. Some families are fractured and only one parent is in the home. Many other families require both parents working long hard hours in order to make ends meet. Big Brothers Big Sisters meet these needs.

Mentoring is becoming more and more important to a child’s development than ever before and some families are simply so busy making ends meet that the children’s needs aren’t being met. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps pick up some of this slack and give a child a mentor that will help guide them through life.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters they strive to be there for the child says Jason Hope They offer children who are facing adversity a strong and enduring one on one relationship that will change their lives forever. Children and mentors get together for 2 to 4 hours up to three or four times each week. They share in fun activities and get to know one another.

With a variety of program opportunities they meet in schools, community centers and libraries to talk and have fun. They strive to be a friend. With a varietyEducCapstone of volunteer opportunities available there is something for just about everyone.

Fundraising events are ongoing. Dedicated volunteers are always needed to assist planning and raising funds for all of their events. Anyone who has relationships within the community and is comfortable calling various businesses for support can fulfil this need. This is an ideal way to get involved.

Statistics show that when children are matched up with a Big Brother or Big Sister they receive many great benefits. Children who have this mentorship are 27% less likely to use alchohol and 46% less likely to use drugs. They are 52% less likely to start skipping school and 37% less likely to skip classes. They become moreconfident in their school work and are much more likely to graduate from high school. They are one third less likely to become involved in bullying and will get along better with everyone including their families.JesseWillms-Donates-to-Big-Brothers-Big-Sisters-post165

Clearly having a relationship with a Big Brother or Big Sister makes a huge difference in their world. As one of the oldest and one of the largest youth mentoring organizations in the United States, they mentor children of all ages in nearly every community across the nation.

Started in 1902 by a group called Ladies of Charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters wanted to help befriend young girls who came before the New York Children’s Court. From there the program mushroomed into what we know it as today.

Just a few hours once or twice per week can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Through partnerships with parents and guardians, volunteers and others in and around local communities they help children achieve higher aspirations, more confidence and better relationships with peers and parents. These children learn to avoid risky behavior and achieve educational success. Big Brothers Big Sisters want “All children to achieve success in life.”